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8 New Home Trends

Upgrades, built-ins, technology… never before have you had so many options when building! You can upgrade and customize everything. Of course, this will cost you. Here are some hot new home trends buyers are looking for these days. If you’re planning to build, consider reserving a sizable chunk for upgrades if any of these ideas below are appealing:

1) White or Painted Kitchen Cabinets:  During our planning I’ve been pushing for white cabinets, and I think I’ve finally convinced my husband that they will look nice in our new kitchen. I was so happy to see a couple recent articles that mentioned buyers are looking for white cabinets!  “We are back to white,” says Anchorage, Alaska home designer Karen Kassik-Michelsohn. Dark, stained cabinets are on their way out, she says.

Traditional Kitchen by New York Interior Designers & Decorators EB Designs

2) Large Kitchen Islands:  with plenty of room for cooking and socializing of course.

Traditional Kitchen by Charlotte General Contractors Andrew Roby General Contractors

3) Outdoor Space: Outdoor living space with kitchens, patios, etc. with plenty of room for entertaining.

Contemporary Patio by Fort Myers Design-Build Firms Castle Harbour homes
Contemporary Patio by Oakville Photographers K West Images, Interior and Garden Photography
Mediterranean Patio by Manhattan Beach Architects & Designers Tomaro Design Group

4) Embellished Celings: Coffered, vaulted ceilings and beams are big right now.

Traditional Living Room by Johns Island Architects & Designers Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

5) Hardwoods: Hardwoods throughout, especially on the first floor have replaced the old wall to wall carpeting of the past. There’s something about hardwood floors that give space a much cleaner, open and classic feel. They are also better for people with allergies. Let’s just say I’m a HUGE fan of hardwoods… loving the dark wide plank style boards right now.

6) Smart Homes: With a home automation system all it takes is a tap on your smartphone or tablet and you can control your heating and air conditioning while you’re away, remotely open or lock doors for family members who are locked out, watch your pet on a webcam and so much more. Younger or tech-savvy buyers are likely to be more interested in the automation as they have grown accustomed to it in their every day life. Pre-wired/built in surround sound speakers/media rooms are also in demand.

7) Carrie Bradshaw Closets: You may remember the closet Mr. Big surprises Carrie with in the first Sex and the City movie… I sure do! While most people can’t afford closets quite that extravagant, buyers are demanding large walk-in closets nowadays which can be further customized with built-ins and such.

8) The Home Office: If your company allows you to work from home on occasion a home office is a MUST! Built-ins here are big as well…

15 comments on “8 New Home Trends

  1. 50shadesofpaint
    July 12, 2013

    All of these ideas are wonderful. Now I want a new house! Good job!

  2. This blog brings my dreams of a perfect home to life! White cupboards always add a touch of elegance depending on the style of the wood, handles etc. Glad you got your husband to go for it!

  3. tmlpalumbo
    July 13, 2013

    These are gorgeous designs! I love the white kitchen too and the large island is definitely a must:)

  4. cheapskatecathy
    July 13, 2013

    I want that closet!

  5. Wanda Beck
    July 14, 2013

    A lot of great information and beautiful pictures! I LOVE hardwood floors too. And I agree with Cathy…I would LOVE to have a closet like that!

  6. Ms.Arugula
    July 14, 2013

    I want that closet,too!! 🙂 White is my favorite color for home decor!

  7. rossrealestategroup
    July 15, 2013

    Reblogged this on Ross Real Estate Group and commented:
    Loving the new home Trends!

    • vtlinds
      July 15, 2013

      Thank you! Glad you liked them 🙂

  8. laurarkinney
    July 17, 2013

    White looks nice, clean and bright… you can’t go wrong!

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