Building a House… What Not to Forget!

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Floor Plans…

Once you’ve made the decision to build and narrowed down the location/builder you will have to decide on a floorplan. There are thousands to choose from! Your builder will likely have some suggested plans they’ve built in the past but most will let you choose from another site and/or modify an existing plan. This process can be tricky for those who are indecisive or who have different wants/tastes than their partner! It took my husband and I a while to decide on one, and then we made a bunch of modifications to it!

Stuff to think about when deciding on a floorplan… you can always customize them to add in some of the ideas below:

1. A mudroom or “drop zone” – in other words, a place to put all of your stuff when you walk in the door, such as your purse, laptop, backpack, etc. Benches/shelves/cubbies/hooks are very popular right now. You can even add an outlet to them to use as a charging station for you phone, tablet, etc.

2. Plenty of storage! Closets on first floor- one for guests and one for broom/vacuum etc. if you have the room. Walk in closets in the master (either his and hers or one big one). Additional storage in the basement or attic. Look for built-in potential near fireplace or other area’s if possible. You can NEVER have enough storage!

3. Butler’s Pantry- you can do one in a small space if you have one, will add something different to your home and give you an extra place to store wine glasses, beverages, party platters, or other serving pieces etc. Helpful if they are in between the kitchen and dining room, or wherever you’ll be doing the most entertaining.

4. Master on first floor or upstairs… seems that main level master’s (mlm) are becoming popular these days. I personally like a little more separation between the main living area and my sleeping quarters as I’m a light sleeper however I can see the appeal to many on the mlm. This is a personal preference but may be a deal breaker for some buyers.

5. Last but not least- an open floorplan/concept is what a lot of people are looking for these days. Make sure there will be a good flow of traffic with whichever plan you go with. Going with an open floor plan will open up sight lines between spaces and to the outside and will make your place feel larger.  On the other hand, limiting sight lines not only creates a mundane space, but will also make the whole house feel smaller due to the visual obstructions.

Here are some links to sites to help get you started:


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